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Opposition to ASDA development in Lee

Lee Manor Society

St. Modwen, the property group that owns the Leegate shopping centre, has put forward a proposal to put a large ASDA superstore on the site. In response, the Lee Green Assembly convened the Leegate Redevelopment Working Group, chaired by Jim Mallory, and the Lee Manor Society contributed a draft document which was adopted by the Working Group and presented to St. Modwen on Tuesday 26 June 2012. Whilst appreciating that an anchor store is probably essential we do not like the proposed redevelopment as it stands and the document summarises our views. As well as expressing the Working Group's views on the project, it highlights Council planning policies that we believe support our opposition to the present plans.

As of June2014, no formal planning application has been made.

 Clearly something needs to be done to revamp the tired and run-down 1960s shopping centre. But we do not think a very large superstore is the answer. It will dominate the centre, swallow up the existing public spaces - the pedestrian passage and square - and generate large amounts of traffic. However, we do accept a large "anchor" store is needed but we do not think it needs to be quite so big. We also think it is important to maintain and improve existing links across the centre and with other local amenities. We hope you will take the time to read our document and then click here to let us know your views.

Click here to view a brief history of the redevelopment of Leegate (PDF icon)

Click here to here to view commentary from CABE (Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment) relevant to Leegate (PDF icon)

Click here to read the motion carried at the Local Assembly meeting on 13 February 2013 (PDF icon)