Magna Carta Celebrations

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Greenwich Society representatives at the City of London Corporation celebrations at Mansion House on Tuesday 12th May 2015 to mark the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta.
(L-R Helen McIntosh, Jonathan Chandler, Sue Maddison, Cherry Bentley, Alan Baily, Jackie Hicks & Stella Booth)

King John's agreement to Magna Carta was the direct result of a political and military crisis first brought to a head in May 1215 with the seizure of London by rebel barons - including West Greenwich's Geoffrey de Say. In an attempt to buy support within the city King John recognised the Londoners' right to elect their own mayor and to enjoy their liberties and customs unimpeded. The gathering of representatives from all the rebel manors at Mansion House on the anniversary of this early confrontation - preceding the Runnymede sealing of Magna Carta on 15th June - was the first time this group had gathered together in 800 years and to mark the occasion a special document was signed by all the manors -


Peter Sinclair - from the Magna Carta Barons Association


Professor Nicholas Vincent tells the story of London and Magna Carta under the Magna Carta window at Mansion House