The Greenwich Society

LTN Consultation

The Royal Borough of Greenwich is making a decision about the future of the West Greenwich Low Traffic Neighbourhood and you can have your say in the consultation that closes on 18th February.

The Executive Committee, in considering how to respond on behalf of the Greenwich Society, came to the following conclusions: -

  • Members’ views range from strong support for the measures to strong opposition to them
  • Some residents have compelling reasons in support of their views – such as ‘rat-running’ on one side or disability or the inadequacy of public transport on the other
  • Traffic congestion appears to have increased and is having detrimental effects in certain locations
  • Society members should be encouraged to express their own personal views

The Executive Committee cannot adopt a view in favour of one position without offending those members who take a differing view and should, therefore remain neutral.

The Society does, however, expect the Royal Borough of Greenwich: -

  • to undertake the research that they promised to do
  • to be thorough
  • to act openly with transparency
  • to report fully and promptly on the results of the research
  • to give local residents a chance to comment on the findings
  • to base any decisions on the evidence and the views expressed by residents

 Should an LTN prove to be desirable, it should take advantage of technology – such as ANPR – to allow the accommodation of residents in different geographical locations and the access needed to their homes and local services and to restrict local traffic to local use.

 The Greenwich Society recognises that, in the long term, we should be working towards a diminution of reliance on cars (already happening with new housing developments), a reduction in air pollution, and the improvement of public transport.