Knight Dragon Consultation

Notes on Knight Dragon consultation - 28th May 2019

There were representatives of Knight Dragon and L&Q who will operate the social housing and shared ownership developments.  

  • The Santiago Calatrava glass towers and shopping centre for North Greenwich tube station have gone – replaced by three pretty ordinary tower blocks.   The original concept has been deemed to be too difficult to build and the retail space unnecessary.
  • The bus station has been relocated and may have proper walking/cycling routes to St Mary Magdalene School.
  • The site next to the school, due to go to Planning for detailed planning permission this summer, has two tower blocks of 30 and 27(?) storeys.   These will overlook the playgrounds at the school which include nursery and primary children.  Apparently the school has not objected to this.   This site is going to be primarily social housing or shared ownership.
  • The film studio, originally planned for the area between Millennium Way and Parkside has gone – replaced by housing.
  • The central park will now be enclosed by very high rise buildings on both sides with obvious problems of overshadowing and wind.
  • There is development shown on the site between the A102 slip road and Millennium Way – though the developers admitted that this was a difficult site and would be used for social housing.
  • There was no information at all about Silvertown Tunnel although it will bisect the Knight Dragon site.   However,  there was nothing on the potential construction zone or on the treatment of approach roads.
  • There will still be a huge area given over to car parks near the O2 because AEG had this written into their contract with the Government when they took over the Dome.
  • We complained about the appalling planting on the Thames Path but blame was laid on some KD director who didn't know anything about gardening.
  • The Knight Dragon team would not reveal how much of the next phase of development would

be marketed in Hong Kong or other parts of the Far East only.  This has been a longstanding concern about the current development where allegedly 40% is only available to Asian buyers.  

  • Many current residents were at this consultation anxious to highlight persistent problems of anti-social behaviour, on-street drug dealing and car crime, particularly when there were events at the O2.   This is despite the presence of a private security force. 

Sheila Keeble