The Greenwich Society

Graffiti Removal

Greenwich Society (written report)

The year has been active and every month has included removal activity.  The Greenwich Society currently has 4 active volunteers in west Greenwich, and 5 in east Greenwich.   One or two people are in reserve.  Defacements have tended to be in bursts and in specific locations, so some volunteers find themselves in areas more prone to outbreaks.   The active involvement of the Borough specialist removal team has been crucial in dealing with graffiti defacements out of the reach or the ability of volunteers.  The specialist team has worked in locations such as Nevada Street, Norman Road, Blackheath Road, Greenwich High Road and Straightsmouth in the west, and the Park Vista and Thames Walk/Highbridge area in the east.   In general, volunteers have found that the use of Graffiti Wipes (provided by the Borough) has been the only resource needed.   The Town Centre Manager and the Town Centre Handyman have also been active in finding and removing markings, some of which have been reported by our volunteers.  It has been a good co-operative effort, and hopefully can be continued.    Stickers have been an increasing problem, but require only water or a solvent and some effort to remove them, though most cannot be removed without underlying paint being lifted.   We have had surges of stickers (shop repair, advertising a book, massage, a room to let, work needed, recruitment, opposition to something etc. with the occasional music group, football team or overseas tour sticker).  The Society plans to continue this work, and is seeking volunteers in areas not well covered.    The support of the Borough and the association with Westcombe and Blackheath is very much appreciated.   The overall situation is so much better than in many previous years, but continued vigilance and quick action keeps "the defacers" under control.  Long may this last!

Extract from the notes of the meeting of the West Greenwich Graffiti Removal Group

June 2017