Constitution amended - AGM 2017

The AGM agreed some amendments to the Society's constitution - specifically to the following clauses: - 

2 (k) to use any income received by the Society only for the objectives indicated above
4 Subscriptions   Members, (both individual and corporate) shall pay such subscription as the Executive Committee shall determine from time to time. It shall be payable on or before January 1st each year or the on-line annual renewal date. Membership shall lapse if the subscription is unpaid six months after becoming due.
8 Administration of the Society’s business:  The Executive Committee shall, out of the Society’s funds, pay all proper and reasonable expenses of the Society. No officer or Executive Committee member shall receive any remuneration but may be reimbursed for any expenditure properly incurred on behalf of the Society.
12 Charity Commission and Civic Trust   The Society shall be registered with the Charity Commission. The Trustees of the registered charity shall be the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer.
Constitution 2017