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Changing the Face of Greenwich?



.............OR THIS?


Just two planning applications could change the face of Greenwich. One is to massively increase building on the Peninsula, the other is for very tall blocks beside a bigger liner terminal at Enderby Wharf.

Development of the Peninsula has been long delayed with a 2004 Masterplan overtaken by the pressure for higher densities and taller buildings to meet London's housing needs or, as some would say, to provide havens for overseas investors' cash.

Now Knight Dragon, in a revised Masterplan and a planning application submitted together, seek an uplift of over 50% in the number of dwellings to more than 15,000 and for many more taller buildings across the Peninsula up to 40 stories. That would radically change the riverscape and the landscape of Greenwich and well beyond; it is not far fetched to draw comparisons with Manhattan, Hong Kong and Canary Wharf.

What normally happens for major redevelopments is that a Masterplan is prepared independently of a developers plans and widely consulted on before being adopted. That is the approach RBG took for Woolwich town centre but not in this case. Here there has been scanty consultation and publicity has focused on eye-catching features like film studios and a running track.

Knight Dragon’s Masterplan sets such wide parameters in crucial aspects like heights and densities that the Council would surely be on the back foot when dealing with individual applications as they emerge over the coming years. Crucially there are no adequate assurances about the quantity of affordable housing to be provided, nor the numbers of family homes as against small flats, so it is hard to see how the plan can possibly measure up to one of the Council's most important strategic aims: the creation of balanced and sustainable communities.

Traffic and transport are major concerns. The scheme would add 9% more vehicles to the evening peak in East Greenwich and that doesn't take account of all the other developments coming on stream. Are we sleepwalking towards total gridlock?

You can read the full text of our comments -

Greenwich Peninsula Masterplan (PDF icon).

Enderby Wharf (PDF icon)

Please take a look and get in touch with your councillors if you share our concerns.

Richard Baglin
Greenwich Society